Just a few words about me…

Dear Reader,

Welcome to this blog! My name is Hajnalka (“wordwatcherdawn”) and I come from North-Eastern Hungary. I am an English teacher and a translator. Besides having a kind of a literary flair, I am also interested in the matters and questions of theology (although I am far from being a theologian:-).

I have been a Christian for more than 20 years, since the time God has found me by His great and unsurpassable grace. Everything that I am and everything that I have I owe to Jesus. He is an expert at restoring broken and shattered lives…

The name of the blog is “The Word in Focus” (“Fókuszban az Ige”). The Word of God, faith, holiness and revival – these are the topics I will be focusing on and dealing with here in this blog. I believe these are the very things which are essential for us to be able to live a Christian life that is of quality. We need to have an enduring faith; we need to endeavor to live in holiness; and we need to have a heart that is eagerly waiting for revival to come – and a heart that just loves the Word of God. We cannot grow in our Christian lives if we are not faithful readers of the Bible. So in this blog I would like to make certain Christian materials and articles available in the Hungarian language – Christian works that are interesting, thought-provoking, up-building and relevant and which will induce our dealing with the Word of God to a greater extent.

 …I do not know how about you, dear Reader, but as for me, I just love the Scriptures – I have read many books but there is nothing like the Word of God! I can remember well how I first got acquainted with it: as a child I once stopped by a notice board of a small church and there I saw a very nice, little poem. I began to read it and… eternity touched my heart. The poem I was reading was radiating with a heavenly joy, a gentle, ageless beauty and a sense of eternity. I just thought “What a nice little poem!” Yes, it was, indeed: a very nice piece of poetic beauty. It sounded like this:

A voice says, “Call out.”
Then he answered, “What shall I call out?”
All flesh is grass, and all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.
The grass withers, the flower fades,
When the breath of the LORD blows upon it;
Surely the people are grass.
The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever. (Isaiah 40:6-8, NASB)

This verse was just engraved upon my heart then and there, in that very moment. And later on, when I got saved and was given my first Bible, I started to read it and… what a great surprise it was for me to discover this beautiful ‘poem’ in the Bible! My heart just recognized it instantly. There is nothing like the Word of God. You just know it. Your heart knows it. So I was filled with a great love for God’s Word and have been like that ever since that time. And through the years I discovered how the beautiful, God-breathed Word can sustain, restore and guide my life as I am trying to follow in the footsteps of my Lord, Jesus of Nazareth.

I would like to convey some of this love of God’s Word to you in this blog. Believe me: your very life can be changed by it! My life has been transformed. Jesus, the living Word of God has renewed and changed it.

My prayer is that you might be encouraged, strengthened and comforted as you read these articles written by some of these very precious people of God.

Thank you for visiting my blog and God bless you,

With love from Hungary,


P.S.: You can read another testimony about how the Lord has graciously found me here at this link. Thank you. God bless you.