(Note to my English readers: I am back after a long break. 🙂 This re-blogged post is mainly for my Hungarian readers. It is about my other, new, Hungarian-only blog where they can read some old, out-of-print devotional books which were published about a century ago. By God’s grace, I am also planning to post there complete, short devotional works translated into Hungarian. This is a new project I will be working on besides “The Word in Focus”. Thank you for your patience and understanding. God bless you all.)



Beköszöntő” bejegyzéshez 6 hozzászólás

  1. So glad that you are doing this. May it ever be a pleasure and purposeful. So much of the best quality of Gospel exposition occurred right around the birth of the twentieth century. These days many libraries transform increasingly to electronic and the old treasures in hard copy get misplaced/dfiscarded. You are giving them another place of honour and usefulness. Jesus is smiling…Doug

    1. Thank you, dear Doug. I have managed to get some old, hard-bound copies and they were such a blessing for me… I just had to give it over, so that others could read them, too.
      I was just about translating Spurgeon’s Morning Devotionals when I found out that it has already been published… more than a century ago. And it was just out of God’s sheer grace I could get a copy from somewhere. And the same was the case with J.R. Miller’s book “Silent Times”, too. 🙂 And honestly, I love the 19th century Christian devotional works! They are so pure, Christ-centered and beautifully written.
      …My prayer is that these beautiful old gems could be a real blessing to many people here in Hungary. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. God bless you.


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