Isten erőt ad nekünk! (God will supply strength to us by C.H. Spurgeon)

Mindannyian megélünk terheltebb időszakokat: van, hogy igen nagy nyomás nehezedik ránk, és kimerülünk; sőt van, hogy a lelkünk mély elcsüggedésekor még azt is képzeljük, hogy már a halálra kell készülnünk – de az ilyen időszakokban Isten igenis ad erőt nekünk! Azok az időszakok, amikor erőnk legvégére jutunk, az Ő lehetőségei lesznek; éhínségünk napjai az Ő bőségének napjaiba fordulnak át! Mert hiszen nem úgy van-e, hogy az Ő ereje a mi gyengeségünkben lesz teljes? Hát nincsen-e megírva, hogy “erőt ad a megfáradottnak, és az erőtlen erejét megsokasítja”? [Ézs. 40:29]

Dávid azt énekelte a 103. Zsoltárban, hogy “aki jóval tölti be a te ékességedet, és megújul a te ifjúságod, mint a sasé”, és mindig várta is hittel, hogy így legyen. “Lelkemet megvidámítja”, mondja a 23. Zsoltárban. S gyakran Dávid azon zsoltárai, melyek az elején még fájdalmas lehangoltságot fejeznek ki, dicsőséges örvendezéssel fejeződnek be, mert a mennyei szeretet új életet lehelt megfáradt lelkébe. Isai fia tehát számos ilyen lélek-betegségből gyógyult fel, és sok ilyesféle meglankadásból emelte fel őt Isten a szent öröm ujjongó állapotába… Biztosak lehettek abban tehát, testvéreim, hogy Isten igenis új erőt fog nektek is adni, aszerint, amint szükségetek lesz rá! “Élteden át tartson erőd!”[5Móz. 33:25]


Times of weakness will happen to us all: a great strain may be put upon us, and we may become exhausted, or, under severe depression of spirit, we may imagine ourselves to be ready to die; but at all such times God will supply strength to us: our extremity will be his opportunity; our time of famine will be his hour of plenty. Is not his strength made perfect in weakness? Is it not written that “he giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increaseth strength?”

David sung in the One Hundred and Third Psalm, “He satisfieth my mouth with good things; so that my youth is renewed like the eagle’s,” and he expected it always to be so. “He restoreth my soul,” says he in the Twenty-third Psalm. Often do his psalms which commence in painful depression conclude with exultation, because heavenly love had poured fresh life into his swooning soul. From many a soul-sickness had the son of Jesse been recovered, from many a sinking had he been lifted up into holy joy…. Expect this, then, my brethren, that God will give you new strength as you shall require it. “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled “Fresh Grace Confidently Expected,” delivered July 20, 1873. Image by Earl Wilkerson on Flickr under Creative Commons License.

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Isten erőt ad nekünk! (God will supply strength to us by C.H. Spurgeon)” bejegyzéshez 7 hozzászólás

    1. Thank you – PTL. So true, indeed. I have experienced it not once. When I realized how weak I was, God came and rescued me and lifted me up from the pit (as one of my favourite psalms, Psalm 40 also says… 🙂 )
      I just so much love these precious drops of truth coming through Spurgeon (and other men of God’s) writings… 🙂
      God bless you.

      1. Spurgeon was a giant among men and just before he commenced ministry as pastor, the words from Jeremiah challenged him, “Do you seek great things for yourself?” His weaknesses and ailments kept him relying upon the Rock. His writings have been a great source of inspiration and strength over the years. Oswald Chambers was converted under his ministry.

        1. Wow – I did not know about this. Spurgeon’s writings have been such a blessing for me – I’m just sorry I did not start reading him earlier (due to my charismatic narrow-mindedness… 🙂 And only few of his writings are translated into Hungarian (some books and the Faith’s Checkbook, which, BTW, I now read with my children every day). By God’s grace I hope to start work on his M&E Devotions, and some other works of his, too. May the Lord give me grace, time and strength to do this – that is my prayer. J.C. Ryle also has some very good works that would be just well worth translating…
          Thank you also for your encouragement. I am just praying that the Lord would give me grace and would lead me in my selecting the materials to translate – I am not so good at writing but all the more joyous to be a means of communicating these messages in this way, to His glory. My focus is Christ and the gospel truth – so whatever I choose, I choose it from this standpoint. …It might be boring for some people but this is what I feel and believe the Lord has called me to do. So I just press on and pray… 🙂
          It is also so encouraging to see how other Christian bloggers work for the Lord – like you, too 🙂 – this also inspires me a lot. And I am very thankful to God for these blog-friendships. Thank you and God bless you and your dear family in all you are doing for Him.

          1. I didn’t really get into reformed theology until the late 1990’s; Spurgeon was really my first, then J.C. Ryle, then onto Jonathan Edwards, John Owen and other Puritans. I never really got to grips with folk like Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn and other charismatic leaders of like mind, but there were a few of less renowned titles that I did have some respect for. Oswald Chambers had a great deal of influence in my life, even though he leaned over toward arminianism at times (I don’t necessarily agree with all he said), nevertheless, his life was one that mirrored the image of Christ and his loyalty to Him was astounding. He is by far the best I have ever come across who clarified the essentials of what a true disciple of Christ is.

            Often times, those who come out from charismatic circles prove to be great contenders for the faith. Your focus on Christ and gospel truth is spot on – and that is all you need. Keep posting, despite whether some will find it boring (which it is not, by far); if God has put it on your heart to do what you do (and I believe so) – keep doing it for Him. When we have that in mind we will not be discouraged when we receive no feedback or response. Many will write with that MOTIVE to be recognised, which will prove to be ‘hay, wood and stubble’ on the day of judgement, no matter how spiritual they sound. Obedience, no matter what the outcome, is what matters to Him. If thousands of people were to read such posts without responding to and acknowledging us, only to find out in glory that lives were touched and changed for His honour through it – it’s been worth it all because then we really did unto Him. God knows those in mind whom He wants to speak to, our responsiblity is to carry what He has put on our hearts.

            It is a blessing to know others, through here, in contending together for Him, especially these days in which we live.
            His grace and peace be yours in abundance.

          2. Thank you so much once more for all of your kind encouragement – I am very thankful for it. The journey I have been through was kind of long and not so easy – the Lord has led me back to the basics, to the core of the whole thing: to Christ, the truth of the gospel and to His Word. A huge reevaluation had to happen in my life, and I am still in the process of it, still learning a lot and being ‘hungry’ for even more. But all in all, I am eternally grateful to the Lord for letting these things happen to me and for bringing me back to His truths. I am more than honored and greatly privileged to be able to deal with materials like this and to minister to Him in this way, which is a huge source of joy and a great blessing for me. I just praise God for everything.
            Thank you and God bless you. Have a blessed weekend.

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