Munkálkodj Krisztusért, már fiatalon is! (Work for Christ while you are young! by C.H. Spurgeon)

Krisztus szőlőskertjében minden hívőnek van feladata! Van tennivalója a gyermekeknek is, tudnak munkálkodni a kisfiúk és a kislányok is, és jó ezt minél hamarabb elkezdeni! Az Úr Jézus Krisztus, aki annyira értékelte az özvegyasszony fillérjét, nagyon örül annak is, amikor Őt a gyermekek szeretik. Mi, meglett emberek, hajlamosak vagyunk azt gondolni, hogy “Ugyan, mit tud egy kislány tenni Jézusért?” Ó, de ha az a kislány nem tesz valamit Jézusért most, hogy üdvösségre jutott, nagyon valószínű, hogy felnőttként is rest keresztény lesz, és nem fogja úgy szolgálni Istent, ahogyan kellene.

Nagy örömmel szoktam nézegetni azokat a kis fákat, amelyeket a kertünkbe ültetnek, tudjátok, a kis tujafákat és törpefákat – már akkor is örömmel figyelem ezeket, amikor még csak először teremnek, és csak keveset. S úgy gondolom, hogy néha azok a körték, amelyekből csak egy-kettő van a fán, sokkal finomabbak, mint azok, melyeket a nagy körtefák teremnek, amelyeknél gyakran már a minőség rovására terem a nagy mennyiség. Hasonlóképpen azoknak a tetteknek is, amelyeket fiatal, gyenge és még erőtlen keresztények tesznek Jézusért, gyakran különleges íze, zamata van, amely Jézusnak igen kedvére való. Jó elkezdeni szolgálni Őt, már fiatal korunkban is!


But there is work for every believer to do in Christ’s vineyard. There is work for children, there is work for young men, work for young women, and it is good to begin early. The Lord Jesus Christ, who was so pleased with the widow’s mite, is very pleased with a child’s love to him. We big people are very apt to think, “What can a little girl do for Jesus?” Oh, but if that little girl does not do something for Jesus now that she is saved, she will very likely grow up to be an idle Christian, and not serve God in after years as she should. 

I like to see the little trees which they put into our gardens, you know, the little pyramids, and other dwarf trees; I like to see them even from the first bear just a little fruit. I think, sometimes, that pears, when there are only one or two on the tree, are far finer in flavour than those on the big tree, which too often have lost in quality what they have gained in quantity. That which is done for Jesus Christ by young Christians, by weak Christians, by timid Christians, often has a very delicate flavour about it, precious to the taste of Jesus. It is good to begin serving him in our youth. 

(Részlet/An excerpt From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled “The Best Burden For Young Shoulders”) 

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Munkálkodj Krisztusért, már fiatalon is! (Work for Christ while you are young! by C.H. Spurgeon)” bejegyzéshez 4 hozzászólás

  1. This is an excellent exhortation and for me once again highlights the need for the Church to transition from an organizational, consumer culture to an organismic, participatory culture. In the first, the emphasis is upon the specialized few doing the work of the ministry. In the second, the emphasis is upon all doing the work of the ministry and the mature helping to facilitate, train, encourage and equip the less mature so that the “body grows and builds itself up in love as each part does its work.” Ephesians 4:16. When the church meets as family, the young, weak and timid ones are encouraged and drawn out and grow thereby. In the consumer/spectator environment, the unspoken message is continually sent you have to be specially trained and authorized to function and the rest must sit passively by. Though it may seem that the church is most edified by isolating the ministry to only the most gifted and trained, in the end it stultifies, minimizes and depletes the body of edification and growth because most of the body is passive and is atrophying as a result. The more the Church perfects “the platform”, the more the weak, young and timid are (inadvertently?) set aside and sidelined. It’s no wonder that the Church then loses its young to the world. May God once again restore the Church to the culture of the family of God and the body of Christ where the least and last are esteemed, encouraged, participate, function and grow. Then we will see the sweet fruit that Mr. Spurgeon is speaking about here abound and overflow.
    Thanks, Hajnalka, for this post. I will pass it on, on Twitter.

    1. Thank you so much for reading it and for your excellent comment! I completely agree with you. People have this mentality here, too, that only “a select few” ministers and the rest of the church is contended to sit there and do… well, not much. The ones that do minister, however, often struggle with feelings of being burnt-out. In Christ’s body everybody is supposed to be doing his/her part, in church and out of church, too. We all need to let the Lord Jesus Christ manifest in our lives and work through us. We are His Body, His very own members. He wants to use each and every one of us, they way we are, with the abilities He has given us and using us in the age that we happen to be.
      Actually this is one of the topics that by God’s grace I’m going to deal with as it is sadly and painfully lacking – at least according to my church experience. We have lost a complete new, teenage-generation (in my previous church) because of this mentality you have mentioned. Not one of the young people really got interested in the things of the Lord, not to mention turning to Him wholeheartedly.
      Also, Christian parents often spare themselves and do not exert the necessary energy and time with regards to their children’s Christian upbringing and the results are catastrophic. I myself have not been blameless in this but some time ago the Lord directed my attention to this and since then this topic has always been on my mind and with God’s help and grace I have endeavored to do my own part in this. One cannot and should not wait for the church to do what is entrusted on him/her to do. It is one of the Lord’s highest calling and one of our noblest responsibilities that we as parents should be a godly example for our children and teach them the Word of God. Only in this way can we prepare them for eternity (where we are all going) and prevent them from falling into a totally godless, worldly and depraved mindset. I know that only the Lord can reach out and touch their hearts with his saving mercy but we cannot be passive spectators, we have to ‘prepare the way’ of the Lord in this.
      The Lord has put this on my heart to deal with this topic and to encourage people in this matter. Time is running fast and we have to do our own part to prepare the next generation for the Lord.
      By God’s grace I am also planning to translate J.C. Ryle’s ‘The Duties of Parents’ in installments and put it on the blog so that people could read it and get inspired to fulfill this most noble duty of Christian parenting.
      Thank you and God bless you!

  2. Hajnalka, I’m glad your heart beats with these things. Traditions in the church die hard, but at what expense are we willing to continue to propagate them, When we see on the one hand whole generations of young people falling away from the Lord, and on the other, good men and women of God burned out from a system that puts excessive expectations and burdens on them that were never intended for a single person to bear, we have to say something is wrong and has to change. The New Testament has a different paradigm of the church than what has come down to us and we need to recover it. Praise the Lord, it is beginning to happen all over the world.

    As for a parents’ responsibility to disciple their children, that is paramount. It has to begin in the home. None of us are perfect, but we must live out our faith before our children and let them see the reality of Christ in our lives as well as teach them the word of God. We have homeschooled and spiritually raised our children outside of the institutional system of the church and they are all pasionately pursuing God. (You may have seen the recent blog post/video concerning the missions organization my 22 year old son just established. I’m so blessed..) They have seen most of their peers, however, who were in all the youth programs, Sunday school classes, and even Christian schools fall away from the Lord. Not that those things are all wrong, but the Lord has got to be real to children personally, and that begins best at home and in genuine expressions of the family of God and the body of Christ which gather under His headship.

    I look forward to your future posts along this line. I agree that time is short. Keep on doing the work of the Lord while it is “day”! I appreciate your faith and faithfulness!

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